From very early on in life, I always had to be busy.

When I was young I would craft and color on the walls and tell my family that I was bored constantly, in elementary school I got in trouble for trying to sell my crafts to kids after school. In high school I bounced between a regular high school, a career and technical education school, Jiu Jitsu classes (yes like grappling/fighting), and a part time job.

In college, I haven't slowed down. In fact i've gotten busier. The past for years i've been juggling jobs, internships, classes, clubs, majors and minors, sports and rest, and friendships and family.

As I head toward graduation, i'm looking for my next endeavors. So if you're looking for a team member who's committed, responsible, ambitious, and thorough, i'd love to be an outgoing designer on your team.

Here's what i've been up to...

Currently I'm:
• A Product Design Intern at Infor Hook&Loop
• A Senior Resident Assistant
• President of AD@FIT
• Graphic Designer for FIT Athletics & Recreation

I've also recently become a member of a group called hexagon, a group for female UX'ers. I attended my first UX hackathon and met so many inspiring UX women.

Spending Time Outdoors

When i'm not glued to my work, you can find me outside! I love to ski and hike. Here are just a few photos i've taken at some of my favorite places.