Branded Digital Products for Eataly Downtown

Project Background

This project was created in my Advanced Digital Typography class. I worked with my friends Nadia Lopresti and Laura Ehrhardt.

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Our Client

Eataly is a large format/footprint Italian marketplace comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school. The chain has multiple locations however, we will be focusing on the Downtown NYC location within the Westfield World Trade Center Mall.


Taking a Trip

To greater understand our client. We took a trip to Eataly in downtown Manhattan. We not only took notice of their products, but the store itself. How is the store organized? How do customers make their way around the store? How do they find what they want?
We also explored wayfinding in Westfield Mall where Eataly is located. How do people find their way to Eataly? What other food options are available?

Next Steps

Based off of our trip observations, interviews with customers, and interviews with mall employees who sometimes grab lunch at Eataly, we developed our user.

User - Gabby Peterson

"I love to cook and I want to take my cooking skills to the next level. I just wish it was a bit less intimidating."
  • Age 30
  • Financial Advisor


Gabby is not familiar with most italian cuisine so she feels like she needs to pick something quickly when ordering. She is worried she might order something she doesn't quite understand and will end up not liking.


People love to come to Eataly, but it can feel difficult to navigate, and intimidating due to the confusing signage.



We began to make solutions for Gabby. We listed and brainstormed many possible solutions, and landed on three that we thought best covered the problems she had.


We did a lot of paper prototyping. This was especially necessary with the kiosk, because it wasn't a size we were used to working with.


1. We had to work with unconventional sizes

2. We had to make sure our work was corresponding with one another


1. We did a lot of paper prototyping. This was especially necessary with the kiosk, because it wasn't a size we were used to working with.

2. We checked in bi-weekly, I compiled a file with all of our work

The Solutions

We have created 3 digital products for Eataly. Each products prime goal is to enhance wayfinding, customer experience and engagement.
Solution 1Solution 2Solution 3

Food Ordering Kiosks

Improving the process of ordering food at Eataly
Current Problems

• Since menus are mostly in Italian, they can be hard to  understand, as well as intimidating
• Menus are located in high traffic and hard to see locations
• This can lead to customers having a stressful and enjoyable ordering experience


Digital kiosks will be installed where customers can place their orders for Eataly’s food counters.


Ipad digital menu stations will be installed where customers can place their orders for Eataly’s food counters.


Gabby is in front of the panini station but she is unsure of what panini she might want. This station has a menu that is placed right at the front of the line and is blocked by traffic passing by. Gabby sees a nearby food ordering kiosk where she can browse the menu and also order. She places an order and takes a marker so the server knows where to bring her food.

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Grocery Assistant Kiosk

Promoting Eataly's grocery options
Current Problems

• Our target audience isn’t buying groceries at Eataly.
• Our target audience may be unaware of all the distinct grocery items that are available at Eataly and nowhere else
• Customers might not how to cook our unique products


Digital kiosks will be placed throughout the grocery areas of the store to promote knowledge of the items sold as well as recipes for meals that incorporate the items.


• Product recommendations • Adaptable content • Ad space • Recipes


Gabby is tired of making the same old pasta and is looking for a new and exciting recipe. She browses the pasta section and sees a recipe for Trofie al Pesto. She sends the recipe to her phone.

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Digital Advertising Screens

Directing customers to Eataly
Current Problems

• People can’t find food in Westfield Mall
• We want to enhance our advertising to better inform our customers what Eataly has to offer


Digital screens will be installed where static Eataly ads currently exist in Westfield Mall. The screens will highlight food offerings with attractive videos, attract to classes and wine tastings with livestreams, and also have interviews with our chefs.


Adaptable content • Live content


Celine is passing through the mall on her way to work from transit when something catches her eye. It’s a live feed of a barista at Eataly Lavazza preparing a latte with steaming espresso. Celine can smell the coffee already and is craving a morning pick-me-up. The screens direct her to the
nearby escalator, and she’s on her way to Eataly.